Commissioner of the Treasury

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The title Commissioner of the Treasury is an commission given by virtue of the Grand Duke for the purpose of designing and carrying out the printing and distribution of Westarctican paper currency in the form of the nation's ice marks.

The Central Bank of Westarctica is the financial institution which bears the responsibility for the legal tender status of the ice mark, and is embodied within the office of Grand Duke itself until such time as the Grand Duke assigns this responsibility to another person or ministry such as a Ministry of the Treasury. The Commissioner of the Treasury as such, then, is a subsidiary hoc title and endures only so long as a given currency issue is in the process of being generated or until the Grand Duke rescinds the title for any reason or assigns it to another individual or until a Ministry of the Treasury does likewise. To the extent that a Ministry of the Treasury is evoked as a body separate from the Grand Ducal office, the Commissioner of the Treasury is a title beneath that of Minister, and takes direction from and reports to that office, as necessary.

The title is currently held by the Baron of Bastanchury for the production of Westarctica's 20 ice mark note.