Cronenwett Island

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Composite map showing the 150 degree line dividing Cronenwett Island between New Zealand (Ross Dependency) and Westarctica

Cronenwett Island (Coordinates: 77°0′S 150°0′W) is a high, ice-covered island about 40 kilometers (20 nmi) long. It lies between Przybyszewski Island and Steventon Island in the Marshall Archipelago, off the coast of Westarctica.

Discovery and name

Cronenwett Island was first observed and roughly delineated from aerial photographs taken by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition, 1928–30. It was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names for Commander W.R. Cronenwett, U.S. Navy, Photographic Officer for Deep Freeze II, 1956–57, and Public Information Officer for Task Group 43.1 during Deep Freeze 1962.

Dual ownership with New Zealand

The island is located in Sulzberger Bay, and is divided by the 150° longitude line: the western half of the island is claimed by New Zealand as part of the Ross Dependency and the eastern half by Westarctica.