Duke of Tapley

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His Grace
The Duke of Tapley
Knight Commander of the Snowflake
Companion of Westarctica

Duke of Tapley
Title held 8 September 2019 - Present
Preceded by Title Established
Minister of Colonial Affairs
In Office 2 November 2021 - Present
Preceded by Office Established
Consul to Southern United States
In Office 2019 - Present
Preceded by David Chase Callahan
Issue Countess of Downs
Lady Protector of Garwood

His Grace, Michael Hammett, the Duke of Tapley is a peer of Westarctica and has served the government of Westarctica since 2019.

Early career with Westarctica

Michael was a supporter of Westarctica starting in 2017, when he purchased a peerage title for his newly born grandson, who became the Baron of Garwood. Later, in 2019, Michael himself was elevated to the peerage as the Duke of Tapley, so-named for the Tapley Mountains. His daughters bear the titles Lady Protector of Garwood and Countess of Downs.

After the Consul-General to the Southeastern United States, David Chase Callahan, was appointed to the Grand Ducal Court, Michael was selected to take his place as an Honorary Consul. The consular region was slightly modified and the Duke became Consul to the Southern United States.

Minister of Colonial Affairs

On 2 November 2021, the Duke was appointed to the Royal Council as Minister of Colonial Affairs.