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Portrait of Dame Kathleen of Molossia taken during MicroCon 2023.

Dame Kathleen (Katie Bellis Miller) is a Dame Commander in the Order of the Snowflake and an Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Molossia.


Kathleen is a graduate of Purdue University with degrees in Humanities and Hospitality and alumnus of the Disney College Program. From 2009 to 2020, she was a Cast Member for EPCOT in Walt Disney World.

Kathleen married Commodore Jonathan Miller on 18 September 2010 in Dyer, Indiana and had a vow renewal ceremony in Molossia in 2015. The ceremony was presided over by President Kevin Baugh.

Kathleen has attended every MicroCon since its inception and was a speaker at MicroCon 2023 in Joliet, Illinois.

Honors and Awards

  • Flag of Westarctica.jpg Dame Commander in the Order of the Snowflake
  • Flag of Westarctica.jpg Dame in the Order of the Polar Cross
  • link={{{2}}} Friendship Medal
  • link={{{2}}} Desert Palm
  • Ruritania-Flg.jpg Lady in the Order of St. Hildegarde
  • Ruritania-Flg.jpg Amity Medal
  • link={{{2}}} Micronational Distinguished Service Medal
  • link={{{2}}} Order of Christina the First
  • link={{{2}}} Just of us Penguins Medal
  • Flag of Slabovia.jpg King's Mark of Friendship
  • Flag of Slabovia.jpg Slabovian Friendship Medal
  • Flag of Slabovia.jpg Queen-Consort’s Fellowship
  • Flag of Slabovia.jpg MicroCon 2019 Commemorative Attendance Medal
  • Flag of Slabovia.jpg Slabovia/Molossia Orlando Summit Medal
  • link={{{2}}} Medal of Friendship
  • link={{{2}}} MicroCon 2023 Medal