Kingdom of Vikesland

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Kingdom of Vikesland
Flag of Vikesland.jpg

Freedom, Equality and Strength
Official language(s) English
Demonym Vikeslandic
Government Monarchy
- Monarch King Christopher
Established 2005
(as Principality of Vikesland)
Disestablished 2018
Area claimed 400 acres
Population 26
Currency Vikeslandic Crown

Official Website

The Kingdom of Vikesland, formerly known as the Principality of Vikesland, was a micronation in Manitoba, Canada. It was founded in 2005 by Christopher Barry Joseph Beyette (King Christopher), a television news cameraman employed by the CHUM network. Vikesland's creation and subsequent development was the intended focus of a documentary film about micronations which would have been produced and directed by King Christopher. The focus of the micronation's activities subsequently shifted to unspecified endeavors of a charitable and humanitarian nature.

The official website of Vikesland stated that the micronation was "not secessionist" and had no intention of claiming the territory of Canada or any other sovereign state. However, the site also identified Beyette's place of residence near the city of Brandon, as well as a nearby 6.5 square kilometer rural property which he co-owns with his parents, as being "Vikeslandic territory". The latter was referred to as the "Royal Ranchlands".

The nation was expected to reemerge as the Jarldom of Vikesland in the spring of 2019, however this never occurred and the website ceased to function in December 2019.

Legal status

One set of criteria for statehood under international law is defined by the Montevideo Convention. This asserts that a defined territory, permanent population, government and the capacity to enter into relationships with other sovereign states are the only foundation requirements for a sovereign state. None of these requirements necessarily has to conform to a certain size or standard, but their general characteristics should be taken into account.

A similar set of criteria for statehood is found in the European Community Opinions of the Badinter Arbitration Committee. The committee found that a state was defined by having a territory, a population, and a political authority. The committee also found that the existence and disappearance of states was a question of fact, while the recognition by other states was purely declaratory.

Relations with other countries

Vikesland border crossing from Canada

The Kingdom of Vikeslands criteria for recognition of other states was very similar to that of the Montevideo convention. If the requesting state met the criteria providing proof, they were automatically recognized. Vikesland briefly signed treaties with other nations, but eventually abandoned the practice while vowing to honor previous agreements. Vikesland was very active in Inter-micronational affairs and had its first state visit to the Republic of Molossia in June 2008. The Kingdom of Vikesland had recognition proclamations for:

State visit with Calsahara

King Montague and King Christopher during the 2010 state visit

During the week of 23 - 29 August 2010, Vikesland hosted King Montague of Calsahara for the first state visit on Vikeslandic soil. Many diplomatic activities occurred, including official tours, state dinners, an awards ceremony, and a joint military exercise with His Majesty's Corps of Engineers. Also, King Christopher established an official embassy for Calsahara by proclaiming a remote hunting cabin to be sovereign Calsaharan territory. The state visit was a tremendous achievement for both nations, especially considering the vast distance separating the countries.

Space program

Vikesland went down in history as the first micronation to send its flag to the very vacuum of space. On August 16th, 2008, Vikesland's department of Aeronautics and Space sponsored J.P. Aerospace's Away 35 mission. On this mission, the flag of Vikesland along with other sponsoring corporate logos were sent to the edge of space.

Additionally, the Vikesland military had a rocket program that conducted joint launches in conjunction with Molossia and Calsahara.


On 1 April 2018, King Christopher announced that Vikesland would be dissolved. In December of that same year, he announced that the nation would be reborn as the Jarldom of Vikesland. This new direction would have a smaller, less serious vision, with the former King now taking the mantle of Jarl Christopher. The reborn nation was expected to be unveiled in the spring of 2019, but failed to do so.

On 12 December 2019, then former King Christopher was established as Prince Christopher, Duke of Hudson in Westarctica.

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