National Symbols of Westarctica

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The National Symbols of Westarctica have changed significantly since the early days of the Achaean Territory of Antarctica, however the symbols of the nation have always been representative of the environment of Antarctica.

National symbols

Symbol Name Image Notes
Flag Flag of Westarctica Flag of Westarctica.jpg
Coat of Arms Coat of Arms of Westarctica Westarctica Arms - Full.png
National Anthem "Westarctica, Land of the Brave" Replaced God Save Westarctica
Animal Emperor penguin Emperor Penguins-Snow Hill Island.jpg
Motto "Fortune Favors the Bold"
Slogan "Go West!" West-Corporate-Logo.png
Mascot Sir Percival Waddlesworth Fancy Penguin Mascot.png
Insect Antarctic midge Antarctic-midgee.jpg
Plant Usnea antarctica Lichen-Usnea antarctica.jpg A lichen