Sir Percival Waddlesworth

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Sir Percival Waddlesworth

Sir Percival Waddlesworth is the official mascot of the nation of Westarctica. He is depicted as an anthropomorphic adult male penguin, species unknown but possibly a chinstrap penguin, wearing an top hat and monocle. Penguins are almost exclusively endemic to the Southern Hemisphere, and so the association of a penguin with the country of Westarctica is a natural one.


In early 2018, Grand Duke Travis commissioned an artist to create a "fancy penguin" who would "do for Westarctica what Mr. Peanut did for Planters." After several iterations over the course of a week, the final result was approved by the Grand Duke and shared with the citizens of Westarctica through the official Facebook page.

Naming contest

On 29 January 2018, a contest was announced to name the penguin. The winner was promised a Knighthood for coming up with the name that best suited the fancy penguin.

Over 150 responses were recorded and the top ten names were presented to the members of the Hereditary Nobility. The nobles did not vote on single names; instead, they were asked to vote on three separate parts of the name: a title, a first name, and a last name. They also had the option to omit the title and/or the last name. Voting for the penguin's name had a 67% turnout from the 61 members of the Hereditary Nobility.

The final selection, as determined by voting, was announced on the Westarctica Facebook page on 28 February 2018. The person who submitted the winning name was Brittany Anne Bullock, who was given the rank and regalia of a Dame Commander in the Order of the Snowflake.

First draft version of Sir Percival Waddlesworth

❄5 Stamp

In 2019, Sir Percival was featured on the five Ice mark stamp. The stamp marked the first usage of the mascot in any of Westarctica's official items. The ❄5 denomination was chosen to echo the first $5 stamp, which featured an emperor penguin standing upon Peter I Island.