Royal Family of Westarctica

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The Royal Family of Westarctica consists of the Grand Duke of Westarctica, his children, and other members of the Grand Duke's immediate family who have expressed a desire to act as representatives of the Government of Westarctica or who are in the current line of succession.

The members of the Royal Family are first in the Order of Precedence, regardless of the rank of their title in the Peerage of Westarctica. Their titles, styles, and order of precedence were formalized on 7 November 2022 by Royal Decree RD-2022-006 The Royal Family.

According to the Constitution of Westarctica, the Grand Duke has the freedom to appoint his heir, but the heir need not be a direct family member. In practice, however, the heir to the throne of Westarctica has always been one of the Grand Duke's two children.

Children of the Grand Duke are considered "Princes of the Blood" and are accorded the style "Royal Highness."

Current members of the Royal Family

Portrait Style Title Position
Grand Duke Travis.jpg His Royal Highness Grand Duke Travis Sovereign of Westarctica
Prince Ashton Roman.jpeg His Royal Highness Crown Prince Ashton Roman Heir Apparent
Archduke Nicholas 1.jpg His Royal Highness Prince Daniel Nicholas Second Son of the Grand Duke
Countess Benton.jpg Her Illustrious Highness Countess Deborah of Benton Mother of the Grand Duke
Nancy.png Her Ladyship Countess Nancy of Caldwell Aunt of the Grand Duke
Barb.jpg Her Ladyship Countess Barbara of Hawthorne Aunt of the Grand Duke
Ellen.jpg Her Ladyship Baroness Ellen Bucher Cousin of the Grand Duke
Madyson.jpg The Honorable Madyson McHenry Niece of the Grand Duke
Jack.jpg The Honorable Jack Daniel Cover Nephew of the Grand Duke
Ireland.jpg The Honorable Ireland Hamor Niece of the Grand Duke