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West Who, officially the Republic of West Who, is a micronation.


It is located 7 miles west of Denver, Colorado USA. Established in 1969, West Who has a democratically elected government. Having 0.35 acres of land, West Who is completely surrounded and landlocked by Colorado.


Ranking high on the World Happiness Index West Who is a fun and happy nation. The economy of West Who is supported financially by the sale of postage stamps and tourist mementos, fees for admission to its museum, and donations to the national treasury. West Who has a stable economy with one of the lowest unemployment rates among micronations, no national debt, and a small budget surplus. The national currency of West Who is - the West Who Dollar - which is pegged at 20 US cents.

The Republic of West Who refers to itself as a "domestic dependent nation," claiming status similar to a Native American tribal nation in the USA. Although not Native Americans, the citizens of West Who claim domestic dependent status, as a nation without national lands, except that which is owned by its citizens.


Presidential elections are held yearly. West Who has a unicameral legislature, called the Senate. The West Who Supreme Court has seven members including a Chief Justice. Most citizens of West Who live outside its national borders in over 25 different nations throughout the world. The country's motto is "Independent, Free and Fun". West Who ranks high on the GNH or Gross National Happiness Index of world nations.


Representatives of West Who have attended every MicroCon since the conference was first held in 2015. At MicroCon 2019, both the Vice President and Foreign Minister of West Who were given the Prime Minister challenge coin as a token of friendship from Prime Minister Farmer.