Ellsworth King of Arms

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The Ellsworth King of Arms is the person who serves as the Chief Herald of Westarctica. They are responsible for creating coats of arms for Westarctica's citizens and noble peers, as well as creating arms on behalf of Westarctica's government agencies. The holder of the post is entitled to a seat on the Royal Council and heads the Westarctican College of Arms.

Creation of office

Although the office of Chief Herald had existed since 2004, the nation had been without an official herald since the 2010 coup that overthrew Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence. In 2015, Michael Richards, the proprietor of Assume Arms, approached Grand Duke Travis and offered his services creating Letters Patent and possibly coats of arms for the Hereditary Nobles. The Grand Duke reviewed some of Michael's work and accepted his offer to become Westarctica's new Chief Herald. Mr. Richards assumed the post of King of Arms in March 2015.

Name of office

The name of the position, Ellsworth King of Arms, was chosen in the spirit of the great heralds of the United Kingdom, each of whom carries a regional name attached to their job (i.e. Lord Lyon King of Arms, Clarenceux King of Arms, Norroy and Ulster King of Arms). "Ellsworth" was selected as an homage to Ellsworth Land on the far eastern border of Westarctica.


The first King of Arms, Sir Michael Richards, was responsible for creating the Greater Arms of Westarctica in early 2015, and these arms adorn all the Letters Patent for new peers of Westarctica. Since beginning his tenure, Sir Michael has created Letters Patent for over 100 of Westarctica's peers.

The second King of Arms, the Baron of Abele, was appointed to the position on 25 January 2020. Prior to assuming the role, he had previously designed armorial achievements for several Peers of Westarctica as well as institutions such as the Grand Ducal Court.