King George II of Slabovia

His Majesty, King George II, also known as George Bragg, is the ruler of the micronation of Slabovia. He served two terms as King, the first by election and the second due to an unexpected abdication. In addition to serving as King of Slabovia, King George is also an active member of the Slabovian armed forces, serving as Lord High Admiral of the Slabovian "Navey."

Official portrait of King George II

Rise to Kingship

Born in Kowtowtown, Slabovia on February 25th, a long time ago, George lived an unremarkable life as a child, only coming to the attention of the state in early 1998 when heraldic researchers began tracing the royal lineage in search of a King. Unable to find anyone of worthy descent, and not foolish enough to take the throne themselves, the nobles drew a name from a hat, lied to the victim about his lineage, forged the necessary documents and nominated George I as Slabovia's King-Elect. The Civil Service staged a vote and King George I was sworn in (at) and placed on the throne on the 5th of September 1998.

His Majesty's coronation throne was a toilet.

The nation was in ruins at the time after Thomas St. John Esq. stripped it of its resources and treasures, all for personal gain. George I restored Slabovia to its former glory (mostly) and brought peace and happiness to the paeple (almost). Mostly by leaving them alone. After more than a decade of peaceful rule, George I was banished into "exhile" by Liam the Terrible, never to be heard from again (except perhaps for some errant radio transmissions from Radio Free Slabovia somewhere in Outer Upper Silexia).

Return to the throne

King George II was placed on the throne by King Penny when she abdicated on 22 September 2011.

Remarkably similar in many ways to King George I, King George II is a harsher, more militant, and more active King.

King George II of Slabovia speaking at Microcon 2015

Born of noble blood, George II grew up with privilege and entitlement. All the best food, all the best tutors and servants. Stables full of fine stallions, a castle filled with riches, and bountiful lands as far as the eye could see. George's youth was one of tournaments, feasts and travel. In his teens, George II inherited the noble title of Count. It was at this time that he got his first taste of real power - a thirst that could never be fully quenched. He honed his skills as a Llama Bounty Hunter before taking command of Slabovia's mighty military under the iron-fisted rule of Queen Moneca in 1992. Queen Moneca went out for lunch one day and never returned and was declared "missing, presumed fed."

Activities as King

King George II has led diplomatic delegations to MicroCon 2015 in Anaheim, California and MicroCon 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. The King and his Head of Government, Chancellor Rankin MacGillivray successfully lobbied to host MicroCon 2019 in Slabovia. During Microcon 2019, the King was made a Knight Commander in the Order of the Snowflake. The was later upgraded to Knight Grand Cross at MicroCon 2022.

King George served as commander of the USS Don Quixote starship bridge simulator during Exercise: Westarctic Chill in 2019.

Honors and awards

Some of the honors and awards King George has received include: