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MicroCon 2017 audience

MicroCon 2017 was a gathering of leaders and representatives of micronations in Atlanta, Georgia. It was the second such conference to occur under the MicroCon banner, the first having been MicroCon 2015 in Anaheim, California. Delegations from 26 different countries attended the event, which lasted from 23 - 25 June 2017. The conference was co-hosted by the Kingdom of Ruritania and the Republic of Molossia. Photographer Matt Roth was on hand to take photos as was a film crew from Vice Television.

Pre-conference reception

Gathered guests in Ruritania's Lavender Room

On 23 June, the evening before the conference, the Kingdom of Ruritania held a lavish reception at its Embassy to the United States in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Her Majesty, Queen Anastasia presided over the reception and gave guided tours of the Embassy grounds. The reception provided ample time for delegates to socialize and get to know one another in a comfortable setting. For many delegates, it was their first time setting foot on a micronation's sovereign soil.

A variety of foods, snacks, and desserts were served in the dining room and visitors were free to admire the Ruritanian Crown Jewels, which were placed on prominent display. In the Lavender Room, there was a large map displayed on the wall where delegates were invited to mark the location of their nation with pushpins adorned by micronational flags.

Closed-door sessions

The Queen of Ruritania's office

At the reception, a closed-door session was orchestrated by the delegation from Slabovia to discuss their plans for the next MicroCon summit. Certain terms were proposed by Chancellor Rankin MacGillivray and King George II which were debated and finally agreed upon by President Kevin Baugh and Queen Anastasia to establish set criteria for micronations before they could qualify as a "host nation" for future MicroCons.

Following that session, Grand Duke Travis and Prince-Consort Dinny were granted a closed-door audience with Queen Anastasia in Her Majesty's royal office.

Conference summary

The conference began the following day at the Tucker Reid H. Cofer Library, in Tucker, Georgia. From 10:30 am to 4:00 pm, delegates from 26 micronations gathered to share their ideas, dreams, and worlds with each other. Throughout the day, presentations were given on a wide variety of micronational topics, ranging from micronational citizenship, sustainment, territorial versus non-territorial state models, micronational currency and postage, micronation constitutions and history, the mental state of the iconic Emperor Norton (as well as our own mental states) and even the danger of squirrels.

Breaks were taken, including lunch, to allow time for networking and socializing - and of course many photo-ops in front of each nation's information displays. The media was also in attendance, including Vice Television, a delegation from the Republic of Saugeais and stalwart micronational photographer Matt Roth. After five and a half hours, the conference adjourned and the delegates departed to prepare for the evening's event, the MicroCon Gala.

Non-aggression pact with Talossa

The Grand Duke clasping hands with Baron Cisneros (left) and Governor Tresplet (right)

MicroCon 2017 marked the first meeting between representatives of the Kingdom of Talossa and Westarctica, two nations with competing claims to territory in Marie Byrd Land. Although Talossa's claim pre-dates Westarctica's by several years, Westarctica's claim was made through legal channels and not simply "declared." In any case, neither nation has ever formally recognized the claims of the other. Prior to meeting at the summit, some members of Talossa's government had displayed open hostility to Westarctica in the form of online propaganda. In turn, Grand Duke Travis refused to formally acknowledge Talossa's existence as a sovereign nation.

During the conference, the Grand Duke was introduced to Munditenens (Dien) Tresplet, the Royal Governor of Talossa's Pengöpäts Antarctic Territory. After lengthy discussion, the Royal Governor joined hands with Grand Duke Travis and Baron Omar Cisneros, the representative from Flandrensis, and agreed to peacefully resolve any conflicts concerning their competing Antarctic claims.

Nations represented

26 different countries sent representatives to the convention, the majority of them for the first time.

Second-time attendees

First-time attendees

Delegate presentations

Nation Presenter Topic
link={{{2}}} Ruritania Grand Duchess Julianna "How To Sustain A Micronation"
link={{{2}}} Amethonia King Ernest-Emanuel "MicroCon: It Is What We Make It"
link={{{2}}} Aerican Empire Emperor Eric Lis "Mental Condition of Emperor Norton"
link={{{2}}} Aigues-Mortes Prince Jean-Pierre "Alternative Citizenship"
link={{{2}}} Edan King Richard "The Need For Non-Territorial States"
link={{{2}}} Flandrensis Baron Omar Cisneros “Hobby Micronationalism In The 21st Century”
link={{{2}}} Boshka President Michael Bannister "What Gives Your Currency Value?"
link={{{2}}} West Who Vice President John Farr "Micronational Postal Systems"
link={{{2}}} Molossia President Kevin Baugh "Keeping It Real - Real Life, Real Activities and Real Places in Micronationalism"
link={{{2}}} Obsidia Grand Marshall Yagjian "Breaking Borders; Art States and Social Impact"
link={{{2}}} Molossia First Lady Adrianne Baugh "Women in Micronations: Starting Your Own or Supporting Your Dictator Husband"
link={{{2}}} Sandus Sôgmô Will Soergel "The Sandum Constitution"
link={{{2}}} House of Homestead Prince Arthur & Princess Edith
link={{{2}}} Empire of Slabovia King George II "How To Apply To Host A MicroCon"

MicroCon Gala

Small group of attendees at the MicroCon 2017 Gala. Producer from Vice Television is wearing green in the center of the picture

The MicroCon Gala was a semi-formal ball, arranged as a soirée following the convention. In contrast to the post-conference MicroCon 2015 Cotillion, this ball did not provide space for dancing.

Attendees arrived at Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant in the Perimeter Mall at 7:30 PM, dressed in their finery for an evening of dining and hobnobbing. The four course meal was served "family style" and consisted of salad, appetizers, entrees, and dessert. Westarctica's delegation arrived after the salad course had begun and was seated beside delegates from Flandrensis and the Star Kingdom. Grand Duke Travis utilized this seating arrangement as an opportunity to further solidify diplomatic ties with Flandrensis as well as discussing blockchain and cryptocurrencies with the King of the Star Kingdom.

After a magnificent dinner, awards were presented by various micronational leaders to their peers and associates. Among the presenters were Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica, the Prince and Princess of Aigues-Mortes, the King of Slabovia, the President and First Lady of Molossia, and Prince Arthur of Homestead. Several delegates also made toasts and speeches in praise of Queen Anastasia for organizing such an excellent event.

At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, the photographers in attendance asked the delegates to assemble on the outdoor patio for a large group photo. While the group was getting into position, a drunken patron of the restaurant attempted to crash through the patio. Management quickly apprehended the offender and as she was removed from the premises, she unleashed a profanity-laced tirade that included calling the respected delegates "those weirdos!" In response, Portia Lianne, the Secretary of Housing from the Commonwealth of Boshka, defended the delegates by shouting: "You're a disgusting, vile woman!" The drunken lout then staggered off into the night and the gala continued without further molestations.

Micronational Bowling Tournament

The Westarctica national team with the Aigues-Mortes national team

On 25 June, the day after the conference, Ruritania organized a Micronational Bowling Tournament. Participants broke into joint teams and bowled their best. Bowlers with the top four scores were presented with large trophies in the form of great cups of victory. Although the Ruritanian national team thoroughly dominated the tournament, Constable Lexi Baugh of Molossia and Grand Duke Travis placed third and fourth, respectively.

Post-conference activities

Following the bowling tournament, the delegations from Molossia and Westarctica visited nearby Stone Mountain Park where they spent the remainder of the day touring the park's vast grounds. They ascended to the top of the stone monument via cable car and enjoyed ice cream treats while observing the surrounding area from above.

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