Baron of Forrester

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His Lordship
The Baron of Forrester
Knight Commander of the Snowflake
Knight of the Polar Cross

Baron of Forrester
Title held 31 March 2015 - Present
Preceded by Title Established
Father Harold Clarence White
Mother Nina White

The Baron of Forrester, Erik White, is a long-time supporter of Westarctica and friend of Grand Duke Travis. He was granted the dignity of a peerage title and a Knighthood in the Order of the Snowflake in 2015. He is also a duke in the peerage of Ladonia

On 18 February 2022, Erik ascended the throne of Pavlov, a micronation with a strong Russian-Byzantine heritage, as Emperor Ivan VII Aleksandrovych.


Erik was born in Seattle and is the eldest child of Nina, Viscountess White and Harold Clarence FitzLewis DeWhyte, Viscount White. He held the title Baron of Sarthe by courtesy from 28 February 1967 until 14 April 1985 when he became Duke of Ozenne.

Erik attended Bitburg Elementary School in Bitburg, Rhienland-Pfalz, Germany, and studied historical archaeology and art history at the University of Washington. He married Queen Cherie in 2000 and they have two sons: Gavin, Prince of Hanover (born 1988 to HM the Queen by her first husband), Prince Edward of Hanover (born 1999 - adopted 2002).

King of Hanover

On 14 April 1985, ascended the the throne of the House of the Dragon as the 17th Duke of Ozenne, this gave him rulership over the Kingdom of Hanover, a now-defunct micronation that was closely affiliated with the Kingdom of Scone.

As King, Erik had weekly meetings with his Lord Chancellor and Prime Minister. He also signed all new Acts of Parliament and Royal Decrees while representing the Kingdom at home and abroad. At the State Opening of Parliament, he delivered the Speech for the Throne, which announces the plans of the government for the parliamentary year.

He held the Throne of Hanover from 1 March 2014 until 22 January 2016, when he abdicated in favor of James I of Scone.

Involvement with Westarctica

In 2015, Erik was granted the peerage title Baron of Forrester. This title is derived from Forrester Island of the coast of Westarctica. He was also made a Knight in the Order of the Snowflake at the same time he received his title.

In 2017, His Lordship was considered for the office of Prime Minister of Westarctica, and preparations were made for him to step into the role after the resignation of the Duke of Waesche. However, before the transition could occur, the baron respectfully declined to take the position due to a falling out between himself and representatives from the Principality of Aigues-Mortes.

After the liberation of Calsahara in 2017, Erik was granted the title Lord of White Manor, reflecting his possession of an estate in the Colonial Estates of Calsahara.

Emperor of Pavlov

Erik joined the Empire of Pavlov as a consul and senator, and was designated by then-Emperor Alexander IV as the heir and successor. On 17 February 2022, Alexander abdicated the throne and Erik immediately was invested as Emperor Ivan VII of Pavlov.

Personal life

The baron is an avid sportsman, participating in Scuba Diving, Polo, Alpine Hiking, Jousting and German Longsword Fencing. He is also an avid horticulturalist, raising a wide variety of flowers and vegetables along with numerous species of orchids and tropical succulents. In 2014, he took up beekeeping and installed top bar beehives in his kitchen garden.

Honors and titles

Some of the honors and titles Erik has received include: