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Composite promotional image of the Westarctican Royal Guards.

The Westarctica Royal Guards are the military force of Westarctica. The primary duty of the Royal Guards is to accompany the Grand Duke of Westarctica as an honor guard at state ceremonies and other public appearances. The Royal Guards are not a full-time unit, but are brought together on occasions of major ceremony. Due to their close proximity to Westarctica's dignitaries, all guardsmen are trained in close protection tactics. Service in the Royal Guards is voluntary and unpaid.

The motto of the Guards is "Conquered by none."


Royal Officer Corps

In 2005, Westarctica's Minister of Defense, Wolf Tulier, suggested that the nation would benefit from the creation of an officer corps that could be joined by military-minded citizens as a sort of fraternal organization. As an added benefit, this corps could conceivably be mobilized as a fighting force in the unlikely event of an armed attack against Westarctica's interests.

The Royal Officer Corps was created as a military unit on paper, but never formed into a real organization.

Creation of the Royal Guards

Members of the Naval Detachment of the Westarctican Royal Guards during Exercise: Westarctic Chill.

In October 2017, Grand Duke Travis was making preparations for the liberation of Calsahara, a sovereign micronation in central California. As he began to recruit for his invasion force, he realized the unit would require a name. As the soldiers were expected to answer directly to the Crown and were primarily a defensive unit, the Grand Duke chose the name "Westarctican Royal Guards."

The official date of creation of the Royal Guards is 19 October 2017, when the first guardsmen were recruited.

Naval Detachment

In August 2019, the Grand Duke created a Naval Detachment of the Royal Guards. This small division undertook its first shakedown cruise by utilizing a canoe to explore a five mile stretch of the Susquehanna River in north eastern Pennsylvania. After completing their initial training and readiness drills, the Naval Detachment participated in Exercise: Westarctic Chill in Dundas, Ontario with the officers of the Slabovian "Navey."

The officers of the Naval Detachment maintain their same rank and insignia as when they are serving as standard Royal Guards. Their uniform consists of a light blue top worn with dungarees.


Guardsman wearing the service dress uniform

There are four uniforms worn by the Royal Guards:

  • Parade Dress Uniform - Formal uniform worn by senior officers for special occasions.
  • Service Dress Uniform - Everyday uniform worn by guardsmen in the commission of their duties. All officers and enlisted guardsmen are issued a service dress uniform.
  • Naval Detachment Uniform - Light blue top worn with dungarees.
  • Close Protection Dress - Dark suit and tie worn by guardsmen when performing close protection duties.
  • Cold Weather Battle Uniform - Rugged clothing designed to protect guardsmen in cold weather environments.


Ordinary Ranks

Regular Officers

  • Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant

Enlisted Guardsmen

  • Adjutant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Guardsman

Extraordinary Ranks

Special Officers

  • Colonel-in-Chief - Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Guards (The Grand Duke)
  • Captain of the Guard - Guard Commander
  • Aide-de-Camp - Personal military aide to the Grand Duke
  • Honorary Colonel - Purely honorary rank bestowed to civilians

Rank insignia

Chart showing the ranks and insignia for the Westarctican Royal Guards


The Westarctican Royal Guards, with King Timothy of Shiloh, marching down the roads of Calsahara in victory

The Invasion of Calsahara is the single largest conflict participated in by the Royal Guards. Although there were two deserters prior to the start of hostilities, the remaining four guardsmen successfully captured the Calsaharan cities of Otisburg and Hooverville, retrieved the Seal of Calsahara, and generally served with distinction in the process of liberating Calsahara from its negligent rulers.

In recognition of the vital role played by the Royal Guards in the invasion, the Central Bank of Westarctica put their picture on the 100 million colonial bulgur banknote. This currency is only used locally in Calsahara.


In October 2020, the Naval Detachment of the Royal Guards became part of the Micronational Outer Space Taskforce (MOST), a loose alliance organized by Slabovia with the goal of increasing leadership and team-building skills among micronations. On 22 November 2020, a three person crew from Westarctica participated in Exercise: MOSTLY HARMLESS onboard the WS Endurance spaceship bridge simulator. This was a follow-up mission to Exercise: Westarctic Chill, which had occurred the previous year.

Oath of a Royal Guard

I do hereby affirm that I will faithfully, loyally, and honorably protect and serve the Grand Duke and the nation of Westarctica, and dedicate myself to them with all my strength, sacrificing if necessary my life to defend them. I promise respect and obedience to the Captain of the Guard and my other superiors.

The Royal Guard's Creed

I am a Westarctican Royal Guard.

Royal Guardsmen are
Toughened by the cold,
It has made us hard as ice.

With my fellow guardsmen,
I serve and protect the Grand Duke
With integrity and fidelity.

With valor, virtue, and vigilance,
We guard Westarctica's honor
Against all who would harm it.

I am a Westarctican Royal Guard,
I am conquered by none.