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The Westarctica Cross is a military decoration awarded to members of the Westarctican Royal Guards. It is the highest award given to Westarctican soldiers, equivalent to Britain's Victoria Cross or the United States' Medal of Honor.

Recipients are included in the Order of Precedence.


For many years, Westarctica only recognized military actions with the Noble Order of the Sword. As a predominantly peaceful nation, there was no need for combat-oriented decorations.

After the Invasion of Calsahara in 2017, Calsahara's military unit, His Majesty's Corps of Engineers, was integrated into Westarctica's Royal Guards. As a consequence, the ribbon awards offered by HMCE were also integrated. In 2021, Grand Duke Travis formalized the new system of military decorations using Calsahara's system as a template. The highest award was the Combat Valor Ribbon, awarded exclusively for valor during armed combat. As Calsahara was a country founded on the principle of peace, the ribbon was never awarded.

The name of the Combat Valor Ribbon was changed to the Westarctica Cross, however, the criteria for awarding remained the same.

Criteria for eligibility

Only members of the Westarctica Royal Guards are eligible to receive the Westarctica Cross. As specified in the Royal Guards Manual, it can only be awarded for courageous participation in armed combat. "Armed combat" indicates the presence of weapons or use of force potentially causing lethal injuries. Because Westarctican soldiers do not carry weapons with live ammunition, and have never participated in armed combat, it is unlikely the Westarctica Cross will ever be bestowed.


As the Westarctica Cross has never been awarded, the regalia for it does not yet exist. A blue ribbon with gold stripes is currently used to represent the decoration.

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