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The Friendship Cross of Kolios - Gold Award medal

The Friendship Cross of Kolios is a non-chivalric award of the Principality of Kolios. It is one of three active awards in the Kolios honors system.


There are two degrees of the Friendship Cross. One is reserved for foreign heads of the state, the other is for other foreigners.

  • The Gold award is presented to foreign heads of state.
  • The Silver award is presented to all other foreign representatives.


The Friendship Cross was created in February 2023 by Prince Garibald during his brief reign as sovereign of the Principality of Kolios. The first awardees received the honor as part of the Honors List for the Accession of Prince Garibald in that same month.

After the Marana Accords were finalized, Kolios became a protectorate of Westarctica, although it continues to maintain its own unique honors system. Although the Grand Duke of Westarctica is the sovereign ruler of Kolios, the Friendship Cross is awarded by the Governor-General of Kolios as an award specific to the protectorate.

Awardees of the Gold Friendship Cross of Kolios

  • Her Imperial Majesty Christina, Empress of Cycoldia; in friendship between nations
  • His Majesty Cameron, King of Ikonia; in friendship between nations
  • His Royal Highness Joshua, Grand Duke of Danduros; in friendship between nations
  • The Honourable Sogmo Gaius Soergel Publicola; in friendship between nations
  • Sir Charles Ross

Awardees of the Silver Friendship Cross of Kolios

  • His Excellency Omar Cisneros, Chancellor of Flandrensis; in recognition of commitment to peace between nations
  • His Excellency Spencer Dayton, Prime Minister of Scone; in friendship between nations
  • Her Excellency Alexia Blackston of Kaz; in friendship between nations
  • His Excellency Zachary Blackston of Kaz; in friendship between nations

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