List of Titles and Honorifics of Grand Duke Travis

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Grand Duke Travis has held numerous titles and honors, both during and before his time as monarch of Westarctica and his various other realms. Each is listed below; where two dates are shown, the first indicates the date of receiving the title, and the second indicates the date of its loss or renunciation.

Royal Titles and Styles

  • 12 September 2001 - 6 June 2004: His Eminence The Consul-General of Achaea
  • 6 June 2004 - 16 January 2006: His Serene Majesty The Grand Duke of Westarctica
  • 2 June 2010 - September 2012: His Excellency The Protector of Westarctica
  • Since September 2012: His Royal Highness The Grand Duke of Westarctica

Throughout his tenure as the leader of Westarctica, the Grand Duke tried to adopt a style and title that would most accurately reflect his actual position in the country. When he first claimed the territory in 2001, he viewed himself as a diplomatic representative from the Achaean Territory to the rest of the world, hence his choice of a diplomatic title versus a royal title. Once the Achaean Territory was formally proclaimed as the Grand Duchy of Westarctica in 2004, the title naturally changed and the choice of His Serene Majesty, while completely against the grain of traditional European princely titles, was selected to emphasize the Grand Duke's status as a sovereign leader and his commitment to leading Westarctica as a Christian nation.

Following the 2010 coup that restored order to Westarctica, the Grand Duke was initially reluctant to return to the throne, as he wished to place formal power in the hands of his Prime Minister, the Duke of Waesche instead of ruling as a virtual autocrat as he and other Grand Dukes had done in the past. Therefore, he adopted the title Protector of Westarctica, indicating that he was there to help, but not necessarily to lead. Finally, in 2014, following his departure from the throne of Calsahara, he decided it was time to once again ascend to the throne of Westarctica and lead the nation as Head of State. However, rather than use the unusual and unconventional style of His Serene Majesty, the Grand Duke took the traditional style for sovereign Grand Dukes, His Royal Highness.

Additional styles

Within in the Colony of Calsahara, the Grand Duke utilizes the style "His Supreme Highness" as the Maharaja of Travonia.

Within the Colony of Raphania, he uses the style "His Sultanic Highness." On rare occasions, the style "His Royal and Sultanic Highness" may be used.

Current Titles

The Grand Duke's full title as used in his capacity as Head of State of Westarctica is: His Royal Highness, Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica, Overlord of Calsahara, Sultan of Raphania, and Baron of Flandrensis.

Westarctican titles

Calsaharan titles

  • Flag of Calsahara.jpg Maharaja of Travonia
  • Flag of Calsahara.jpg Duke of Chutney
  • Flag of Calsahara.jpg Count of Monte Cristo
  • Flag of Calsahara.jpg Count of Sandwich
  • Flag of Calsahara.jpg Baron of Biscuit
  • Flag of Calsahara.jpg Dey of the Desert

Koliosian titles

  • Kingdom of Kolios Flag.png Duke von Vogelland

Raphanian titles

  • Raphania Colonial Flag.png Sultan of Raphania

Foreign titles

Former Titles

Westarctica Civilian Corps awards

Grand Duke Travis' Civilian Corps ribbons

Shown, from left to right, are:

Top row: Order of the Orca ribbon (with silver Knight device), Order of the Snowflake ribbon (with gold Knight Grand Cross device), Order of the Desert Heart ribbon (with turquoise Knight Commander device), Order of Westarctica ribbon (with gold Knight device)
Second row: Order of the Sword ribbon (with bronze Knight commander device), Legion of Peace ribbon (with silver Legionnaire device), Honored Servant ribbon, Honored Diplomat ribbon
Third row: Civilian Corps Commendation ribbon, Civilian Corps Achievement ribbon, Recruiting ribbon, Calsahara Expeditionary ribbon
Bottom row: Global Campaign Service ribbon, Long Service ribbon, Civilian Corps Service ribbon, Nobles ribbon

U.S. military awards

Award ribbons

Unitcommend.JPG CG-merit.JPG Goodconduct1.png
Sea-Service.JPG Rifle-s.JPG Pistol.JPG

Shown, from left to right, are:

Top row: Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with two gold stars
Second row: Navy Unit Commendation, Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation, Navy Good Conduct Medal with bronze star
Third row: National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Bottom row: Navy Sea Service Ribbon, Navy Rifle Qualification Ribbon with "Sharpshooter" device, Navy Pistol Qualification Ribbon,