Alliance Between Westarctica and Molossia

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Grand Duke Travis presenting President Kevin Baugh of Molossia a framed sheet of Westarctica-Molossia stamps during the 40th Founder's Day celebration in Molossia

The alliance between Westarctica and Molossia is Westarctica's oldest, and ranks among its most important and influential diplomatic relations. Since 2005, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia has been an important ally and advisor to Grand Duke Travis, both in his role as Grand Duke of Westarctica and during his time as the King of Calsahara, prior to its 2017 annexation and rebirth as a colony of Westarctica.


Early Interactions

The shared history of the two nations began in 2005, shortly after the shift from the former identity as the Achaean Territory of Antarctica. The first significant interaction between the two nations was the signing of an agreement of mutual recognition. That year, Grand Duke Travis and President Baugh met in Washington, D.C. This was the first state visit of any kind for Westarctica. The two became fast friends, and various correspondence and knighthoods were exchanged between the two leaders.

Travis' Time Serving With Molossia

After the Grand Duke's 2006 abdication, he fulfilled various roles, in the Molossian government. in 2006, President Baugh convinced him to rejoin the micronational community by turning his private residence into a Molossian colony. Travis agreed, and was subsequently named as the Governor of the Protectorate of New Antrim. In this role, Travis was left to rule mostly as he saw fit. During this time, he also served as the Grand Admiral in the Molossian Navy, which was a mostly advisory role to the President. Also of note during this period was Travis' participation in the Molossia-Mustachistan War, the Battle of Lake Jean, and the New Antrim Tobacco Crisis.

In 2009, after moving from the eastern United States, and subsequently the physical territory where New Antrim was located, Travis and President Baugh agreed that it was time to end the colony's existence. Almost immediately thereafter, Travis was named Governor-General of the Desert Homestead Province. Travis' new duties as Governor-General were mostly identical to those in his previous post as Governor of New Antrim. The closer proximity to the Molossian homeland allowed Travis to make his first trip to Molossia that same year. The time spent serving in this post was crucial, as it largely inspired Travis' return to serving as Sovereign of a micronation of his own.

Calsahara-Molossia Relations

In 2009, President Baugh began encouraging Travis to rejoin the micronational community as the head of his own nation. About this time, Travis learned of land his then wife's family owned on the Carrizio Plain, in central California. Thus began the Kingdom of Calsahara, that same year.

Travis, ruling under the regnal name of King Montague, immediately resigned from all official duties within Molossia. He was, however, allowed to keep the honorary rank of Grand Admiral in the Molossian Navy, primarily as a show of gratitude for his service, from President Baugh. The bond of friendship and mutual respect continued throughout the reign of King Montague, with multiple state visits, and the royal couple attending President Baugh's wedding to new First Lady Adrianne Baugh in 2011.

Grand Duke Travis' Return to the Westarctican Throne

While he returned to Westarctica in 2010 as Protector, it was not until late 2012 that Travis resumed his role as Grand Duke of Westarctica. All of his interactions with Molossia during this time were as King Montague of Calsahara. After the end of the Transitional Government restored the throne of Westarctica, Grand Duke Travis' interactions with Molossia were done in the resumed Westarctican role.

Since resuming the title of Grand Duke, Travis has continued the tradition of close relations with Molossia. This has included interactions at the various MicroCons, and the conferring of knighthoods not only on respective heads of state, but additionally upon other members of leadership in both Westarctica and Molossia.

Current Status

While Westarctica has no formal alliance with Molossia, informally they are among, if not the, closest allies the nation has. The two nations have established mutual recognition, military cooperation, as well as trade relations.

Overview of Interactions

Formal State visits between Westarctica/Calsahara and Molossia:

Other diplomatic interactions:

Molossian Honors and Awards held by Westarctican citizens

Grand Duke Travis:

  • Order of the Mustang (2005)
  • Mustachian War Medal (2006)
  • Friendship Medal (2011)
  • The Desert Palm (2017)

Prince-Consort Dinny:

  • The Desert Palm (2017)

Prince Christopher, Duke of Hudson:

  • East Germany War Medal (Awarded during reign as King Christopher of Vikesland)
  • Order of the Mustang (Awarded during reign as King Christopher of Vikesland)

Jordan Farmer:

  • Friendship Medal (2019)
  • The Desert Palm (2019)

Westarctican citizens who have graduated from the Molossian Naval Academy, and hold honorary ranks in the Molossian Navy:

Westarctican Honors and Awards held by Molossian citizens

President Kevin Baugh:

First Lady Adrianne Baugh:

  • Dame Commander in the Order of the Snowflake (awarded as Dame in 2015, raised to Dame Commander in 2019)

Constable Lexi Baugh:

  • Dame Commander in the Order of the Snowflake (awarded as Dame in 2015, raised to Dame Commander in 2019)

Commodore Jonathan Miller

  • Knight Commander in the Order of the Snowflake (awarded as Knight in 2015, raised to Knight Commander in 2019)

Katie Bellis Miller:

  • Dame in the Order of the Snowflake (2015)