Order of the Polar Cross

The Order of the Polar Cross is a knighthood in the Orders of Westarctica. It was created on 18 July 2022 to recognize micronationalists who share friendly terms with Westarctica. There is one class, that of Knight/Dame. The order is limited to 200 members.

Badge for the Order of the Polar Cross

Holders are entitled to the post-nominal "PC."

Criteria for award

The Order of the Polar Cross was created to celebrate friendship and diplomacy among micronations. There is no set criteria for the honor to be awarded, and all awards are made at the discretion of the Sovereign.


The regalia for the knighthood is a 2-inch square badge in the form of a silver cross stylized with arrows pointing outward and a snowflake in the center. This symbolizes the South Pole and the lines of longitude that radiate across the world, touching all countries and people, like Westarctica's goodwill toward other nations.

The badge is worn on the center of the left chest under other medals and breast stars. Dames may place the badge near the left shoulder above other awards.


The award was first bestowed upon many of the attendees of MicroCon 2022 on 6 August 2022.

Micronation Recipient Year Awarded
  Westarctica Count of Faulkender 2022
  Westarctica Duke of the Bear Peninsula 2022
  Westarctica Prince Dinny 2022
  Westarctica Viscount Atwood 2022
  Westarctica Sawyer Silberkraus 2022
  Westarctica Sir Charles Ross 2022
  Westarctica Sean Austin 2022
  Westarctica João Camilio 2023
  Westarctica Joseph Foley, Count of Dorchuck 2023
  Westarctica Jerrime Oliver, Count of Knox 2023
  Westarctica Countess of Benton 2023
  Westarctica Michael Desrosiers, Baron of Widich 2023
  Westarctica Princess Rebecca, Duchess of Rockefeller 2023
  Westarctica Darren Graham Ashford 2024
  Ladonia Queen Carolyn of Ladonia 2022
  Ladonia Crown Princess Gretchen 2022
  Ladonia Prince-Consort David 2022
  Ladonia Prince Davide Edward 2022
  Ladonia Matthew Salzer 2022
  Ladonia Paula Macko, Countess of Vårbacke 2022
  Ladonia Rachel Heseltine, Duchess of Simonskorg 2022
  Ladonia Theresa Villeneuve 2022
  Ladonia Secretary of Foreign Affairs Yvan Bertjens 2023
  Pavlov Emperor Ivan VII 2022
  Pibocip Crown Prince Regent Phillip Pillin 2022
  Pibocip Prince Regent Phillip Joseph Pillin 2022
  Nordale Magnolia Flowers 2022
  West Who President William Farr 2022
  West Who Minister John Farr 2022
  West Who Minister Michael Farr 2022
  West Who Senator Ronald Hall 2022
  Beatus Cras Lady Rachel Elizabeth Pribble 2022
  Principality of Aigues-Mortes Prince Jean-Pierre 2022
  Principality of Aigues-Mortes Chancellor Duc Geoffrey Mathes 2023
  Kingdom of Fergus King Ben I 2022
  Slabovia King George II 2022
  Slabovia Queen Lynne 2022
  Slabovia Chancellor Rankin MacGillivray 2022
  Slabovia Baroness of Mars 2022
  Slabovia Spencer MacGillivray 2022
  Slabovia Liam Wall 2022
  Slabovia Meadow Tribe 2022
  Republic of Molossia President Kevin Baugh 2022
  Republic of Molossia First Lady Adrianne Baugh 2022
  Republic of Molossia Constable Lexi Baugh 2022
  Republic of Molossia Commodore Jonathan Miller 2022
  Republic of Molossia Katie Bellis Miller 2022
  Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Consul Georganna Gould Gore 2022
  Republic of Slowjamastan Sultan Randy Williams 2022
  Republic of Slowjamastan "Rescue" Rick Macias 2022
  Republic of Slowjamastan Tim Muehlhausen 2022
  Republic of Slowjamastan Kathy Zavala 2022
  Republic of Slowjamastan Donald Ray Caliva 2022
  Republic of Slowjamastan Glenn Andrew Palmer 2022
  Kingdom of Shiloh King Timothy of Shiloh 2022
  Kingdom of Ruritania Queen Anastasia 2022
  Kingdom of Ruritania Grand Duchess Julianna 2022
  Kingdom of Ruritania Grand Duchess Julie 2022
  Principality of Sancratosia Princess Cloe 2022
  Grand Republic of Moontonia Supreme Leader Iain Turnbull 2022
  Grand Republic of Moontonia Supreme General Ben Ellis 2022
  Terra Excelsior Republic Premier Benjamin Pickles 2022
  Terra Excelsior Republic Federal Chancellor Nicolas Wiedemann 2022
  Terra Excelsior Republic President Silas Wurnbash 2022
  Grand Republic of Cycoldia Summi Imperatoria Christina 2022
  Technocratic Republic of Aethodia Founder Miles Huff 2022
  Newgraviate of Saint-Castin Minister-President Desaintes 2022
  Kingdom of North Barchant Prime Minister Beloff 2022
  Federated States of Gapla Executive President Chelsea Chen 2022
  Federated States of Gapla Crown Prince Wyatt 2022
  Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia Grand Marshal Carolyn Yagjian 2022
  Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia First Lady of Obsidia 2022
  Republic of Soundland President Morber 2022
  Empire of Aeternia Emperor AP Miller 2022
  Empire of Aeternia Master of Treasure Poole 2022
  Empire of Aeternia Tiffany Lodge 2022
  Kingdom of Amethonia King Ernest Emmanuel 2022
  Kingdom of Amethonia Crown Prince Gabriel 2022
  Kingdom of Pontunia King Andrew 2022
  Zaqistan President Zaq Landsberg 2022
  Lithua Crown Prince John 2022
  Lithua Princess Clare Alexandra 2022
  Lithua Queen Mother Cherry 2022
  Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia Prince Wilhelm von und zu Hochbach 2023
  Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia Dylan, Margrave Callahan 2023
  Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia Maverick, Altgrave Callahan von und zu Neosho 2023
  Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia Jordan, Margrave Brizendine 2023
  Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia Ping, Margravine Brizendine 2023
  Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia Wilhelm, King in Illinois 2023
  Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia Serena, Altgravine Huerta von und zu Bolingbrook 2023
  Obscurium President Zar Antonov 2023
  Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Grand Duchess Delphine 2023
  Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Saar Desloovere 2023
  Duckionary Archduke Arthur 2023
  Empire of Angyalistan Princess Alice 2023
  Republic of the Coruscant General Secretary Mateo Fernandez 2023
  Yusienia Princess Aurora Twinkle 2023
  Republic of Pleiso Head of the People's Assembly Mats Seifert 2023
  Kingdom of Akxcalonia King Brogan I 2023
  Dracul Chancellor Williams 2023
  Dracul Commander Millner 2023
  Republic of Satoshi Lucas of Satoshi 2024

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